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Broncho Capsules
60 No of capsules
Price: $19.95

Open the blocked respiratory channels, rejuvenates lungs, increasing its oxygenation power.

1. Pushkaramoola(Inula racemosa)
2. Pippali(Piper longum)
3. Shunthi(Zingiber officinale)
4. Kantakari(Solanum surattense)
5. Maricha(Piper nigrum)
6. Amalaki(Embelica officinalis)
7. Vibhitaki(Terminalia bellerica)
8. Tulasi(Ocimum sanctum)

Decreases severity and number of bouts of asthmatic attack

Rejuvenates both the digestive and respiratory systems

Opens up the blocked channels of an asthmatic patient

Prevents the production of ‘Aama’ (semi digested nutrient, responsible for diseases involving the blockage of channels)

Presentation – 500 mg capsule

How to use:-
Take 2 capsules teice daily with warm water.
This description is according to Ayurveda Text. Not Approved by F.D.A

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