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Mental relaxant
125 gm
Price: $12.95

Nourishes nervous tissue relaxes 24 hrs working brain, increases analytical power& boosts memory.

In hurry every time, no space in brain for self, always hectic. It makes life uneasy and restless and unhealthy also. It is better that after exhausting daily routine, when you are back to your place sip this Tea and feel great. It is a great combination for the students who are going to compete at any level, as it is a good memory enhancer also. So it is good for all ages, have it daily and feel the change.

Brahmi(Centella asiatica),
Shankhpushpi(Convolvulus pluricaulis),
Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia),
Madhuyashthi(Glycyrrhiza glabra),
Sarpagandha(Rauwolfia serpentina)
Vacha(Acorus calamus),
Shatawari(Asparagus racemosus)

Brahmi: Helps in the stimulating the hidden areas of brain so helps to improve the memory and concentration.
Shankhpushpi: It is considered to be the best memory enhancer& brain relaxant.
Guduchi: It is believed to originate first time in the land where the nectar dropped, so much importance it has.
Madhuyashthi: because of its nutritive value & anti Kapha property it is believed a very good nervine relaxant.
Sarpagandha: A very good herb useful in all types of psychological disturbances.
Vacha: An herb with characteristic to pacify Vata humour that is responsible for all types of psychic problems
Shatawari: A well known nourishing herb.

Coarse powder of herbs
Safety profile:
This is a pure herbal formulation without any documented side effect

How to prepare: Boil 100 ml of water. Switch off the stove. Add 2 spoons full (appox. 10g) of herbal mixture to water. Cover the utensil. Leave it as it is for 5 minutes. Or
Take 2 spoons full (appox. 10g) of herbal mixture. Boil it with 150ml of water for 5-10 minutes with the utensil covered.
Filter it. Tea is ready. Enjoy it sip by sip. Add some sugar or lemon juice according to your taste, if you find it necessary.

It should be taken twice daily.

This description is according to Ayurveda Text. Not Approved by F.D.A

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