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Anti Diabetic Tea
125 gm
Price: $13.95

Decreases frequency of urination, maintain sugar level, regenerate beta cells, minimise complications.

Gurmaar (Gymnema sylvestris),
Vijyasaar (Pterocarpus marsupium),
Saptchakra (Salacia chinensis),
Jambu Beeja (Eugelina jamboolana),
Amalaki (Embellica officianlis),
Nisha (Curucuma longa),
Khadir(Acacia catechu)

Gurmaar: It possesses the characteristic to decrease the absorption of sugar from the GIT so doesn’t allow the blood sugar level to go high.
Vijayasaar: It helps the beta cells to regenerate. These beta cells secrete Insulin, responsible for blood glucose level maintenance.
Saptchakra: It makes body tissue more responsive to the amount of the Insulin circulating in blood stream.
Jambu Beeja: It helps kidneys to work more efficiently so the frequency of micturition deceases as the person takes it.
Amalakithe: Best source of natural Vitamin C that strengthens the body at tissue level so reverts the destructive process going on in a diabetic person.
Nisha: Having good healing property it fastens the healing process of foot ulcers& bed sores.
Khadir: As it is a good nervine strengthener it reverts the degenerative processes like diabetic neuropathy

Coarse powder of herbs
Safety profile:
This is a pure herbal formulation without any documented side effect

How to prepare: Boil 100 ml of water. Switch off the stove. Add 2 spoons full (appox. 10g) of herbal mixture to water. Cover the utensil. Leave it as it is for 5 minutes. Or
Take 2 spoons full (appox. 10g) of herbal mixture. Boil it with 150ml of water for 5-10 minutes with the utensil covered.
Filter it. Tea is ready. Enjoy it sip by sip. Add some sugar or lemon juice according to your taste, if you find it necessary.

Take it 10-15 minutes before taking meals.

This description is according to Ayurveda Text. Not Approved by F.D.A

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