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Vata Tea
125 gm
Price: $9.95

If you are Quick in learning but forget soon, quickly affected by fear then this tea is for you .

Sip this tea in morning and evening and you won’t need any alcohol, tobacco and tranquilizers to sleep well. It will promote you and your power to do the job with more concentration.

Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia),
Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata),
Shunthi(Zingiber officinale),
Shatawari(Asparagus racemosus),
Bala(Sida cordifolia),
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera),
Saunf (Foeneculum vulgare),
Ela (Elettaria cardamomum).

Guduchi is an enhancer of immunity and a promoter of digestive fire. Well known for its multidimensional effect.
Rasna is the Best Vata pacifying drug among all the herbs and a nervine tonic.
Shunthi possesses lightness& unctuous so it can open the obstructed nutritive channels & makes Vata to move freely. It is very good in indigestion, anorexia, hemorrhoids, vomiting& urticaria.
Shatawari is a cardiac tonic and harmonizes Doshas at genital organs, nervous system& promotes strength and immunity.
The best herb amongst the natural resources working as strength enhancer& Vata balancer is Bala. On the other hand
Ashwagandh a nervine tonic helps Vata to work properly and warms up the body.
Saunf helps in digestion and cures many of Vata disorders.
Ela has ability to penetrate minute channels makes it a very good Vata stabilizing agent.

Coarse powder of herbs
Safety profile:
This is a pure herbal formulation without any documented side effect

How to prepare: Boil 100 ml of water. Switch off the stove. Add 2 spoons full (appox. 10g) of herbal mixture to water. Cover the utensil. Leave it as it is for 5 minutes. Or
Take 2 spoons full (appox. 10g) of herbal mixture. Boil it with 150ml of water for 5-10 minutes with the utensil covered.
Filter it. Tea is ready. Enjoy it sip by sip. Add some sugar or lemon juice according to your taste, if you find it necessary.

This description is according to Ayurveda Text. Not Approved by F.D.A

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