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Lavana Bhaskara Churna
125 gm
Price: $19.95

A stimulant for all the function of digestive system i.e. digestion, assimilation and excretion

Pippali (Piper longum)
Jiraka (Cuminum cyminum)
Four types of salt i.e. Saindhava, Vida, Sauvarchala, and Samudra
Talisha patra (Abbies webiana)
Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea)
Shunthi(Zingiber officinale)
Dalchini(Cinnemomum zelanicum)
Seed of pomegranate etc.

Helps in diseases of whole digestive system from mouth to anus
Useful in skin diseases, respiratory and cardiac discomfort

Fine powder of contents
Safety concern:
This is a totally herbal combination without any side effect

How to use:
Take 3-5 gms of powder with warm water/ lemon juice or takra (butter milk) after meals

This information is as per the Ayurveda text. Not approved by FDA

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